Lily of the valley

As you know, here at Mmm…Melts, we create some of the finest wax melts in Cheshire.

We pride ourselves on our highly fragranced scent collections, and try to stay unique by crafting direct from inspiration, rather than relying entirely on ‘run of the mill’ popularity.

As a result, every once in a while, we get to create something that is really, very special – a scent with a story.

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The story behind the scent…

Lily of the Valley was was created as the start of a new idea that I kind of want to call ‘Memory melts’? Not too sure where we are going with this yet.

But for me, this scent brought back memories of my lovely Nana.

Her favourite perfume in the world was Lily of the Valley, as I recall.

I well remember, one of our top things to do at Nana’s house when we were kids, was to go and have a good old root around the house & gardens! (Who else did this?!).

My siblings, cousins, and I would relish getting into EVERYTHING – typical kids stuff really. But there was just something magical about rifling through the drawers and picking up all the ‘shiney’s’.

Nana’s Button Box

We found a little pink coral trinket box, full of buttons! Now is there anything more whimsical than Nana’s button box?!

Pearlescent ones, twinkly ones, brass shiny ones, flower shaped ones, ugly lookin’ leather ones – you name it!

Nana had a full mix of vintage buttons, stashed in this magic little box.

Nana’s Jewellery Box

Then there was the jewellery box, with all the floral brooches, delicate hair grips and lavish hat & scarf pins.

Of course, here you’d find the classic Cameo designs, big old chunky diamontee treasures, and the piece she wore daily – which was her golden ‘Horn of plenty‘.

By this point, most of the others had lost the stamina, and it was time to hunt for the biscuit tin!

But for me, this was my chance to scour the fragrance collection!

Nana’s Perfumes

Little phials, glassware of all shapes and sizes, all so delicate, intricate and more importantly, intriguing to the most curious of five year olds!

My lovely Nana was possibly the World’s most kindest, gentlest and most patient of ladies!

She allowed me to go through them all, gently spraying each one for a quick sniff.

But I distinctly remember her telling me that Lily of the Valley was her favourite of them all.

Sadly, we weren’t lucky enough to keep my lovely Nana for very long, and she passed away by the time I was barely a teen.

Little things really do matter!

It’s only now, years later, that I realise the importance of these little details, these little memories, however random, these are the things that shape us!

It’s why, when my own daughter was very little, I couldn’t stop thinking about making this hanging heart, covered in pearly cream buttons.

And it’s why again now, more years later, I couldn’t stop thinking about making a wax melt snap bar in the fragrance Lily of the valley.

So whilst I might sometimes scorn my own Mum for being too damn soft on my child, I realise now that I should just let it be.

Because one day, these will be the things that she remembers the most.

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