Mmm… Premium Car Fragrance Bottles


Our premium car fragrance bottles collection, presented in travel sized glass perfume bottles.

Stylish and sustainable, our ladies scents are presented in a sleek, diamond shaped bottle, whereas our gents scent bottles are skull shaped.


How To Use It:

Simply unscrew the cap, remove the bung, screw the cap on and soak the wood to allow your car fragrance to permeate and perfume your ride.

Just re-soak the wood as and when you need a scent boost.

Each bottle offers outstanding scent throw, which lasts for miles.


Millie uses only premium ingredients to make her car fragrances.

Not just great quality and design, but our products are kind too, as we only use natural, sustainable stock.

MMM…Melts® car fragrances are fully CLP compliant, use premium grade ingredients, and is produced locally in North Wales, in small controlled batches by hand, by Millie herself (And her Mum).

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About the base:

  • All natural bio based solvent
  • Renewable
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan
  • Eco friendly
  • Non toxic
  • Low carbon footprint
  • High performance
  • VOC compliant

Developed from glycerin, a renewable source,  based on sustainability and high performance.

This eco solvent, a sustainable alternative to petrochemical solvents, is composed of versatile molecules, with high solubility power and low odor.

Additionally, this high performance solvent is green and bio-based, aligned with the most restrictive global legislations, as well as with environmental needs, in addition to meeting the demands for vegan raw materials.

It presents a low carbon footprint and are not toxic to humans or to the environment.


About the oils:

  • Premium brand oils
  • High concentrate fragrance
  • IFRA Compliant
  • UK made

We only use premium brand highly concentrated fragrances which are IFRA compliant.  (International Fragrance Association).


About the packaging:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • 100% Cool!

With our planets continued fight against plastic, Millie chooses to package in glass and wood, with these unique perfume bottles.

The natural wooden cap allows the scent to permeate your car, without the need for plastic components, or plugging in.





Adventurous, Heathen, Boss Man, One, Heiress, Extra Terrestrial, Opium Noir, Madame Elle


Skull, Diamond