‘Ferry cross the Mersey’

The story behind the scent…

Highly fragranced wax melts

Not all of our highly fragranced wax melts have their own story, but this one does.

For quite some time now, we have been taking our melts to market to sell – which believe me, sounds easier than it is these days!

And one of our favourite markets was this ‘new’ one, at Woodside Ferry village, in Birkenhead.

The Independent Wirral market was among the first to welcome our products, and effectively help us get to where we are now.

A love of local

Having already established a small client base in the Wirral, we needed a market that supported small, independent, local businesses like ours, in order to get our products off the ground a bit.

The team at Independent Wirral could not have worked harder, or been more welcoming.

Situated just on the waters edge at Woodside Ferry Village in Birkenhead, is this bustling, and charming little market.

Recogniseable from anywhere are the quaint little wooden chalets that accommodate the traders.

These lovely little chalets are transformed each weekend, overflowing with unique art, food, crafts, homewares and gifts.

By night, the chalets isles are lit with string lights, giving the market a year round, traditional ‘Christmas Market’ feel.

But by day of course, it is busy with the sound of Merseyside banter and cheer, as the locals of the area fill the isles.

The atmosphere here is a unique mix of business, banter, and warm welcomes.

As well as all the ingredients for a nice day out on the Wirral.

Highly fragranced wax melts

‘Ferry cross the Mersey’

Ever a breeze at this ‘windy Wirral’ market, the river Mersey lends its waters not only to the famous ferry crossings, but also to the nose!

Inspired by Miss Millie’s first ever ferry trip, we created a special melt that reminded us of our time here at Woodside Ferry Village.

And as a tip of the hat to one of our favourite places – Independent Wirral market.

So named after the song by Gerry and the Pacemakers, the lyrics are everything that the market at Woodside embodies.

Highly fragranced wax melts | Mmm...Melts | Ferry Cross The Mersey Wax Melt | Independent Wirral Market

The colours of this snap bar we chose to represent the market’s branding, featuring little read hearts to match the Independent Wirral logo.

And the scent… Well… We already know that the people of Merseyside do love their perfumes!

So it’s no great surprise that this melt is similar in style and identity to a famous designer’s fragrance!

The scent of fresh air & sea salt mingling with the woody earthiness of sage. 

This is a snap bar that you can only purchase at our stand at Woodside Independent Wirral market.

Please visit our Events page to find out when we will be there next!