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Bespoke Branded Wax Melts

At Mmm…Melts®, we also offer a unique, bespoke branded wax melts service.

Initially, we will have a consultation with you to discuss your individual business needs, as well as potential customer demand.

But more excitingly, we would love to discuss your ideas, to see if we can make them a reality!

Next, we will do some prototyping in order to create the scent, colour scheme, and style that suits your brand.

Now, you can have your own branded product to sell at your store, or online, with your own custom bespoke design.

A product that represents you and your company, that your customers will love, something that’s completely unique to you and can’t be bought from any other retailer!

Unless, of course, you decide to expand.

Minimum order quantities apply, as we will not sell your products anywhere else, or to anyone else.


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Unicorn Dreams Wax Melts

Sammie, is the owner of Unicorn Inks Tattoo & Piercing.

She is a female tattoo artist and body piercer, a raging ‘Hippie’, universally known as ‘The Rainbow Unicorn’ and is generally as unique as it gets!

Sammie often uses Mmm…Melts® whilst tattooing, as it helps create a pleasant environment for her customers.

So, when she heard about our new bespoke branded wax melts service, she couldn’t wait to take us up on the offer, and tell us her ideas.

Sammie wanted a bar which looked like a galaxy, or ‘Nebula’ colour scheme.

However, she wanted it to smell like heady days at the Glastunbury festival or just about any Hippie shop you’ve ever walked into!

She LOVES the scent of warm, aromatic spices, pure sandalwood, and champa flower, so her chosen scent represents a classic Indian incense.

But of course, wax melts offer this without the smokiness of burning a joss stick, for a clean, calming scent that fills the room positive vibes.

We used mirror shine eco glitter to create a starscape, cosmetic grade, bio powders to create the nebula colours.

As well as our own methods and expertise to get the right effect!

And of course, we only use natural soy wax non hazardous base, and IFRA compliant intense concentrated perfume oils for the scent.

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Ginger Cat Coffee Wax Melts


At Mmm…Melts® we honestly feel like that cat that got the cream when given the opportunity to work with our latest white label partner. A big old ginger cat at that!

Allow us to introduce our new friends, and our exciting new bespoke branded project – Ginger Cat Coffee!

Bespoke Branded Wax Melts

We first met Ginger Cat during a typical market day at Independent Wirral.

Whilst loading up on the morning’s brew, it became pretty clear straight away that this wasn’t just any old coffee!

Ginger Cat are a small, independent business, local to Neston (On the Wirral), with their own blend of utterly spectacular coffee.

Serving possibly the best cup of Joe in the area, Ginger Cat knew that they had a gold standard product, sure to win the hearts of any coffee lover.

Having a stand next to Ginger Cat gave us an idea! They were looking for a unique product that would compliment their new coffee lover’s gift set, and we knew exactly what to do with that information!

The folks at Ginger cat had some very clear ideas about what they wanted – a coffee scented wax melt snap bar, infused with their own ‘Buddy Blend’ bean.

So we created this special bar, just for them. Only available for purchase through Ginger Cat directly, this bar has a dense, high quality coffee fragrance oil, which we blended with their coffee beans, hand grounded.

The base of smooth, creamy vanilla compliments the coffee scents, with a dash of rich chocolatey notes.

For the look, we crafted a double-pour of deep coffee colours with pearlescent, creamy white, and topped with hand ground, powdered coffee beans as we usually would with eco glitters.

Overall, the two marbled together beautifully, to give a hombre effect, with a mocha-esque finish.

Ginger cat then opted for eco friendly glassine packaging, plus their own branded labelling, and the result is just outstanding!

The perfect gift for any coffee lover!