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Melts that make you go Mmm...

Welcome to Mmm…Melts®

Gorgeous, designer perfume inspired home fragrance candles & wax melts.  Hand selected and hand made by Miss Millie.

Featured products from Mmm...Melts®


Self care smells good!

Try a whole range of scents before you buy! 

Hand selected and hand made by Miss Millie.


For the car!

Travel sized scent bottles that smell fantastic and last for miles!


I just love Mmm...Melts!

The snap bars are beautifully decorated, and great value considering I can get over three burns out of one bar, filling the room each time!

Melt Addict

The scent throw on these candles are fantastic!

I love the clean, simple design and natural ingredients, but the best part is that it comes in all my favorite perfumes.

Candle Queen

Sometimes I run a whole bath just as an excuse to sit in it and bliss out with my favorite Mmm...Melt.

Best gift ever!


Mmm...Melts® blog

Follow your nose to my blog to see what I’ve been up to lately, find exclusive discount codes, learn about my latest creations and more.

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